About Us

Welcome to Bridge4Future2DRC

Bridge4Future2DRc is an investment organization in Kinshasa, DR Congo. Our value proposition is to boost DRC’s social business market through a partnership with investors, international and local entrepreneurs, wholesaler or retails and non-government organizations. Bridge4Future is a social enterprise duly registered and licensed. Our operation cut across all state with services available to all types of business (private and public) as well as all industries operating within the country. At Bridge4Future2DRc, we are readily available to provide exceptional services for businesses, organizations that want to invest in DR Congo with an excellent eye for success. We offer extensive area network services without deviating from quality at all time. The Bridge4Future2DRc goal is to support and capacitate individuals and institutions by creating opportunities that promote self-sufficiency, effectiveness, and efficiency for economic development.

DR Congo

DR Congo, the second largest country in Africa is located in central Africa. DR Congo is famous for its abundant natural resources including cobalt, copper, and diamond. DR Congo is recognized as the second-largest diamond-producing country worldwide, and its production is accounted for by the artisanal and the small-scale miners in the region. Demand for minerals increased as a result of the emergence of digital technology required to develop an electronic device.

The natural resource-rich Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) abounds in parks that are visitor-friendly. There are parcels and bunches of attractions in this magnificent nation that are worth sightseeing. The people of DR Congo are accommodating; they make you feel at home all through your stay in the country. Also, there are mountains including the mount Stanley located in Rwenzori which is the third largest mountain in Africa.

There are over 200 ethnic groups in DR Congo with more than 200 languages spoken all over the country. Other than French which is the authorized and accepted language, about 210 indigenous languages are used for communication. Luba, Kongo, Mangbetu-Zande, and Anamongo are the largest ethnic group in the country, and they accounted for 45% of the population. Other ethnic groups are the Nilotic people, pygmy people, and the Ubangian among others.

Who We Are

Arnold H Joseph is the CEO and founder of Bridge4Future2DRC; a young man who is passionate about diversifies investment. He is a lobbyist, visionary leader, and social entrepreneur. Arnold has a powerful projection to build sustainable development institutions in DRC with the slogan “Bridge4Future2DRC”. Resolving DRC’s obstacles is our first motivation as Bridge4Future2DRC. We desire to make DRC a place of opportunities for everyone and every organization. He launched Bridge4Future2DRC Scholars program in 2011 to expand students’ access to higher (quality) education in the best universities abroad to build prosperous DRC’s future leaders. He initiated this program to provide more top English language training, TOEFL and SAT preparation, leadership entrepreneurial and outreach to increase the number of students that are privileged to acquire quality education. He believes in the power of higher education. His actions always have a positive Impact; if they can do it, we can do it too.