Partner with us to support our charitable activities program bridge4Future2DRC Scholars to cultivate the next generation of DRC Leaders! Together Let’s Build a future DRC Led by Competent a confident young leader

Our achievable goals depend on you.

We are open to collaborating with you or your organization to create a format of giving that matches your interest and favorable to all parties.

Your support will improve the afflicted lives of DRC and help us to move forward with what we have already started.

You will nurture the next generation with the skills of promising leaders in order to create a more peaceful environment for our future prosperity.

Your donation to B4F2DRC program will enable promising young people to access higher education to top universities and in turn, transform these DRC’s promising students into the future leaders DRC.

Since 2014, we have successful accessed 12 students from scratch to the top Universities. Your gift can help us pay for the TOEFL and SAT test fees and Admission fees to the Universities where needed.

We also accept donations in kind like books, laptops, and Kindles to help scholars learn effectively.

In addition, You can help us raise funds for our program; We would like to work with you to help you launch your own fundraising campaign on behalf of Bridge4Future2DRC.

We humbly solicit for your kind donation as a way of supporting this great project. Don't forget to also encourage your friends, company or employer to make a matching gift.

For your convenience, we have made available various options by which you may donate without stress via any of the following means:

  • Donate Through PayPal

  • Cheques

  • Checks should be issued to TOEL Learning Center and Shipped to Sam Goldman address.



Laptops: If you have recently upgraded your laptop and your replaced model still functions well, please send it our way! Macs are preferred, but high-efficiency PCs are always appreciated.


Phones: When you upgrade to a new phone, send us your gently used old one to give to a scholar!

Donate Via Mobile Money transfer or Xcash Express, Orange Money, M-Pessa or Airtel Money