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Some Services Offering


We offer tourists every bit of information about their destination to enable them to make the right choice regarding flight, accommodations, the activities to engage in during a tour, and the kind of food to eat. These services are offered at a reasonable price within your budget-line. At Bridge4Future, we ensure tourist maximize the potential associated with every journey. With us, you are assured of a memorable trip that matches with your expectation.

Investment Consultancy

Bridge4Future2DRC are passionate about the provider of investment consulting services to investors, ranging from investment products to advice, and planning. At Bridge4Future2DRC, our investment consultants do in-depth research to formulate the best investment strategies for our clients, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals.

Education consultancy

Our education consulting services include guidance to students, technology enhanced learning, skill acquisition, international exams, career guidance, and educational tours. We believe in quality education for the future leaders that is why we include modern technology in our educational services to make learning easy at all time.


As an advanced E-commerce service provider, we are committed to the creation of rich e-commerce websites that possess the potential of higher visibility of their products and increased revenue from prospective customers. We are highly proficient in the development of B2B AND B2C e-commerce portals. E-commerce services we provide includes the following: Development, marketing, creative services, and technology.

Hotel and Airport or Port Transfer

Regardless of your purpose for traveling, Bridge4Future2DRC offers convenience with the best transfer services from the airport to the hotel and also from port to hotel.

Co-working Space

Bridge4Future2DRC offers office environment for people where they can work collaboratively in a shared area. We provide a work environment and generally, office equipment and services characteristic of a typical workplace. This service includes space to work, 24/7 access to workplace, conference, and boardrooms that can be reserved or rented on a need basis, Wi-Fi, Shared printing, copying, scanning facilities, PBX equipment, Common kitchens, restrooms, and lounges

Car Rental

Bridge4Future2DRC offers car rental service to businesses and travelers to ensure comfortable and convenient movement within the country. Our car rental services are available for short term, medium term, and long-term period tailored to meet your exact need. We are in collaboration with top car rental companies.

Hotel reservation

We provide a detailed description of hotels, we make photos of hotel and room available, videos are available for travelers to have insight about their destination, and reviews gotten from customers for evaluation of our services. Our packages associated with the hotel reservation services make it the best value in a hotel reservation service.

Flight Booking

With our simplified online flight booking services, you are saved money, stress, and time. We provide you with all the best travel suppliers, which award you the opportunity to compare and contrast with suppliers as well as booking without going through a rigorous process.

Reservation of Visitation to Parks

We pride ourselves as the provider of booking of visitation to national parks. Our professionals handle clients request with the utmost attention to ensure exceptional service is rendered to you.

Booking of Visitation to Communities

Bridge4Future2DRC also provide booking of visitation to communities where you stand the opportunity to see artefacts, meets with people from different tribes, and learn about the people’s culture. We provide all the necessary information to assist tourist during their tour.

Apply for DRC VISA

Obtaining DRC's VISA is possible wherever you are, regardless of the absence of a DRC embassy or representatives in your native country. First and foremost, you must search for the diplomatic mission of the Democratic Republic of Congo in your home country. If not available, you can look to other neighboring countries that may host one. Please go there and ask for all the vital information for a successful application when you find one. It may require you an invitation letter that we will provide you (We specialize in editing the invitation letter for free to support your VISA application process. However, you must pay for the notary). Furthermore, if you do not find one, you can apply for FLYING VISA with us.


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